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From Injury to Victory

A few examples of conditions commonly treated at Fairbanks Foot and Ankle include tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, and the multiple problems that affect your foot and ankle health. The doctors work with infants exhibiting clubfoot, athletes who need rehabilitation, and adults suffering foot and ankle pain due to arthritis. They also specialize in orthotic and custom braces for patients of all ages, making casts on site to ensure each patient’s brace is a perfect fit.

While conservative treatments, such as physical therapy and therapeutic ultrasound, are always the first line of treatment, patients can be confident in the doctors’ extensive surgical training and experience.

The doctors are uniquely qualified to detect the early stages of diseases that exhibit warning signs in the lower extremities, such as diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease. They also provide ongoing management of foot conditions that pose a long-term threat to your overall health.

If you have any questions about your foot health or would like to learn more about their services, call Fairbanks Foot and Ankle, or use the convenient online booking tool to schedule an appointment.

Fairbanks Foot and Ankle​

Fairbanks Foot and Ankle specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of podiatric problems in patients of all ages, from young children to seniors and everyone in between. At their office in Fairbanks, Alaska, patients immediately feel welcome and at ease, thanks to a friendly staff and doctors who take the time needed to learn about patients’ concerns, talk with them about their problems, and explain the treatment options.

Dr. Hubbard is a foot and ankle surgeon with extensive experience diagnosing and treating the broad spectrum of conditions that cause pain and interfere with patients’ mobility. Whether you have an ingrown toenail, you’ve suffered a sports injury, or you need a complete ankle reconstruction, you’ll receive top-notch care.

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